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  1. Bring your Scout book to all meetings and camping trips, with the exception of the extra-curricular activities that replace normal Troop meetings (bowling, go-karts, etc.).  We often work on rand advancement, and the book is our reference.

  2. We travel both to and from any camping excursion in Class "A" uniforms.  If there ever is an exception to this, it will be addressed.

  3. Mess kits must be brought to all camp outs.  We typically do not bring any disposable plates, cups, etc.

  4. Bring a water bottle to all activities.  A hydrated Scout is a happy Scout.

  5. Mr. Klee is our advancement chair.  He is a wealth of knowledge and can answer just about any general question that you may have pertaining to merit badges and advancement.  Other leaders can help as well.

  6. Use the Scout Book app.  It tracks everything.  If you need help setting it up, see Mr. Klee.

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